Guide to Your Absolute BEST Family Session Ever

So you want great family photos?

Husband wife with their new baby in langley.

…but you don’t know where to start? The following is some of my absolute best advice for getting the best out of your family photography session.

What are your tips when looking for a family photographer?

Find a family photographer whose images that you connect with. They should evoke emotion from you on a personal level. It’s so important that you find a photographer who can personally connect with you, as well as your kids. I am a family photographer in Langley and I love capturing your children in the most genuine possible way.  In particular, I gravitate more toward candid moments within a family dynamic. I look for hand holding, cuddles, loving moments between parents and their children. 

What is your photography style?

Langley family being photographed in a family session.

My photography style has developed over the years, but I really gravitate toward preserving texture and rich colours. I prefer a raw, natural feeling image over anything too posed. It’s not what I ask you to do that I’m trying to capture, it’s the moments before and after.

What the hell do we wear?

This is by far the most asked question when booking a family session.

Let me start off by saying, I really don’t care. Any assistance or advice I offer is all suggestive and never dictates how I feel about clients. 

My best advice is to dress yourself in flattering silhouettes that skim the body. Tight pants and dresses are super cute for going out, but can be tricky for family photos. You want to be able to move around with your fam, instead of worrying what’s pulling and where. Neutral colours and earth tones are super complementary to skin and keep the attention on the subjects, instead of drawing the eye to one specific standout colour. Little ones should be in comfy clothes that don’t restrict movement. Always move toward natural fibres, soft fabric, and word-free clothing. Shoes should be neutral colours, or if you’re brave, go barefoot!

If you are at a loss, send me photos! I love to help!

How do we prepare our children?

I think it’s more about preparing the parents! Change your mindset about family photos. If you relax and just spend time talking and playing with your children, they’ll be more easy-going. I like to direct the parents more than the children. I want the kids to be smiling because they’re laughing with or at you.

langley family photography session

NO CHEESE Allowed.

This leads me to my next topic. Answer this: what happens when you ask your kid to “say cheese?”  He or she does this weird painful smile that makes you cringe a little. They don’t look like themselves. I want this experience to capture your kiddos in the stage they’re in right at this moment. That doesn’t include forced robot smiles.

mom and son at a family photo session in langley.

Any tips for taking photos with our kids?

Let me capture your babies and kids just the way they are! If they have a messy face, or crazy hair, know that those are the moments that you’ll want to remember. Kids aren’t perfect, and perfection is boring anyway!

Why are family photos so important?

I know you hear it all the time, but time flies. Years pass by so quickly and kids grow up so fast. Documenting your family through the years will give you something invaluable later. I can almost guarantee that the majority of your smartphone gallery consists of photos of your children. However, how many of the photos show your relationship with them? How many photos are you even in? 

Husband and wife at a family photography session in Surrey.

How do we book?

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