Vancouver Wedding Photography

My approach to your wedding is simple...

Do whatever the F you want.

Seriously though.

It's your day.

It really should be all about you.

The most important part of your wedding day is that it’s a true representation of you.

Do you want to row your boat in the middle of the lake in your wedding dress?

I’ll hold your canoe while you get in.

Do you want to throw your ceremony plans to the wind and elope?

I’ll sign as your witness!

Do you want to have a low key day with the people you love?

Whatever you’ve got, I’m here for it.

I relish in creating memories of people who are real AF.

My Wedding Packages

Your Wedding.
Your Way.


15 Guests or Less

You’ve decided to forgo the bell and whistles of a traditional wedding. You have likely invited just your parents and a couple of close friends. The typical photography coverage would be 1-4 hours. 

Currently booking elopements for 2022.

Starting from 2-4k+ 

Large Wedding

50 Guests or More

 You’re planning a wedding at a large venue with a substantial guest list. You want it all, from prep to a killer dance party.

Your typical photography coverage time will be 8-10 hours.

Price Range 6-8k+

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