8 Reasons to Host Your Wedding at Rowena’s Inn on the River

bride and groom next to a vintage car at rowena's inn on the river

As a wedding photographer who adores capturing beautiful moments, Rowena’s Inn is an absolute gem for couples planning their dream wedding in the Fraser Valley. Here’s why Rowena’s Inn weddings are a photographer’s dream:


  1. Natural Beauty: Rowena’s Inn is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, making it the perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding photos. With lush gardens, majestic trees, and breathtaking views of the Fraser River and mountains, every snapshot is imbued with romance and charm.


  2. Vintage Elegance: Steeped in history, Rowena’s Inn exudes vintage charm and elegance. The historic architecture and lovingly restored buildings provide a timeless backdrop for wedding celebrations, creating an enchanting atmosphere that enhances the beauty of every photo.


  3. Versatile Spaces: Whether couples envision an intimate ceremony by the fireplace or a grand reception in the Marquee Tent, Rowena’s Inn offers a variety of versatile spaces to bring their wedding vision to life. As a photographer, I love the opportunity to capture unique and creative moments in each of these stunning settings.


  4. Professional Support: With an experienced event team dedicated to making wedding dreams come true, Rowena’s Inn ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for couples and photographers alike. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure that every photo opportunity is maximized and every cherished moment is beautifully captured.


  5. Outdoor Splendor: The surrounding landscape of Rowena’s Inn provides endless opportunities for outdoor photo sessions, from romantic riverside strolls to adventurous hikes in the nearby park. These natural settings add depth and authenticity to wedding photos, creating memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.


  6. Luxurious Accommodations: With luxurious guestrooms and cozy cottages nestled amidst the gardens, Rowena’s Inn offers the perfect retreat for couples and their guests. These elegant accommodations provide a serene backdrop for pre-wedding preparations and post-ceremony relaxation, ensuring that every moment is captured in comfort and style.


  7. Exclusive Experience: For couples seeking privacy and intimacy, Rowena’s Inn offers the option to book the entire estate for their wedding celebration. This exclusive experience allows couples to enjoy the beauty of Rowena’s Inn all to themselves, creating memories that are truly one-of-a-kind.


  8. Convenient Location: Located just a short drive from Vancouver, Rowena’s Inn is easily accessible for couples and their guests. Its convenient location, combined with its serene countryside setting, makes it the ideal destination for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and celebrate their love in a picturesque setting.


Rowena’s Inn weddings offer a magical and romantic experience for couples and photographers alike. With its natural beauty, vintage charm, and professional support, it’s no wonder why Rowena’s Inn is a top choice for couples planning their dream wedding in the Fraser Valley.

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