Family Photography Sessions During Covid-19

Well, the past couple of months have been interesting to say the least. We’ve been distanced from our friends and family, trips to the grocery store have an awkward air about them, and basically every time you leave your house there’s the feeling as if you’re doing something wrong.

FINALLY, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel! The recent announcements from the Government of British Columbia introduced Phase 2 of the Restart Plan. As we start to re-emerg from our homes, what better way to commemorate the weirdest year ever, than with a family photography session?

Following the guidelines of the Restart Plan, I’ll be opening up bookings for family sessions starting June 1st.


I plan to strictly adhere to distancing guidelines for the safety of your family, as well as mine. Family photography sessions as we know it will change a little. I’ll no longer greet you with a hug and pretend to tickle your children to make them laugh, but don’t worry! I’ll still figure out a way to keep everything feeling comfortable and fun for you and your family.


The big one question is: where do we shoot?

The answer is: wherever you want. If you prefer to shoot within the comfort of your own home, I’m game. The big difference is that I will be staying completely outside. I’m more than happy to shoot through open doorways, windows, etc… to achieve those super cool shots without you leaving your house!

I have favourite outdoor locations to shoot all over the lower mainland, so if you’re unsure about location, just ask!


Normally, I shoot almost your entire session with a 35mm lens, which requires me to get up close and personal for those intimate shots. However, I’ll be instead shooting from at least at least six feet away with longer lenses, achieving those beautiful shots we all love.

The most difficult part for me will be not being able to help you to and from your vehicle! Normally I’m super hands-on if you have bags, strollers, or and small children to carry, so please know not helping you with these things absolutely KILLS me.

With these protocols set in place, I’m confident that we’ll still be able to create magical, timeless photos of you and your loved ones.

My philosophy behind family photography sessions.

How do you book? Visit my contact page!

Meet Erin.

Erin Fraser is a Vancouver wedding photography company based in British Columbia. Photographing weddings, engagements, families, maternity, and newborn sessions in the local areas of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Also provides photography services for weddings across the U.S and within Canada. Specializing in capturing edgy portraits and unique perspectives to create raw emotional wedding photography.

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