The Top 5 Locations For Family Photography Sessions In The Fraser Valley

In order to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect location for your family photography session, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 locations for family photography in the Fraser Valley. I also offer key photographer insight, based on years of experience in these locations to help with your decision.

Here are my top 5 locations for family photography sessions in the Fraser Valley

Campbell valley family photography session

1. Campbell Valley Park

The first family photography location, and probably my most frequented of all time is Campbell Valley Park. Located in beautiful South Langley, British Columbia, Campbell Valley Park is basically my number one location to book family photography sessions. When I'm photographing families, my number one priority is documenting your kids in a safe, wide open space. I prefer locations where I can control the light and let your kids roam around with zero worries. This way I can give them space and focus on capturing their little personalities. Campbell Valley Park is perfect for families with very small children. On a sunny day, this location is ideal for those families who love golden hour, but also have young children who can't stay up until the sunset hour. Parking is a cinch and Campbell Valley Park photo sessions give you open fields, huge trees, and an amazing golden hour during those summer-to-fall months.

PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT: Campbell Valley can be quite wet during rainy season, so consider that when you're choosing your footwear. If you are allergy prone, take an allergy pill before your photo session.

2. Mud Bay Park

Mud Bay Park is located just in Surrey, British Columbia. This hidden gem has long trails, frequented by people on bicycles and dog walkers. I recommend Mud Bay for clients who have kids over the age of three, since it can be a little bit of a tumultuous terrain. On a sunny day, I recommend starting the session an hour before sunset, since there isn't much for tree cover in this location. Scheduling your family photography session at Mud Bay at golden hour guarantees beautiful backlit images. You get the best of both worlds with tall grass and beach vibes. At low tide, you can even venture out into the "mud" portion of Mud Bay Park. There is only one parking lot and it's easy to locate!

PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT: It's called Mud Bay for a reason, so prepare to get dirty. It's also a bit of a walk to ideal photo locations. I recommend keeping your footwear flat and comfortable. I'd also recommend bringing a towel to wipe off dirty shoes before everyone climbs back into your car.

family photo session alder grove regional park

3. Aldergrove Regional Park

Aldergrove Regional Park is located close to the US/Canada border just outside of Aldergrove, British Columbia. This vast terrain has a series of tree-lined trails and rolling hills. I recommend this park for clients who have children of all ages. On a sunny day, this park provides a little more tree cover for those families who love golden hour, but also have young children who can't stay up until the sunset hour. Aldergrove Regional Park is a wide open space for your family to roam and provides a variety of lighting/backgrounds for your family photo session.

PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT: Aldergrove Regional tends to be dry. The photos are naturally more golden and less green. Footwear recommendations are boots or sandals. My favourite part of the park to shoot is the Aldergrove Bowl Entrance.

4. Pitt Lake

Pitt Lake is the second largest lake in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. It is located close to Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. I recommend this park for clients who have children over the age of three. On a sunny day, your family photography session should start approximately an hour before sunset, unless you don't mind harsh light and strong shadows. Pitt Lake provides beautiful scenery on a much more narrow terrain. If the weather has been more dry, you can descend from the path into a wide open grassy space with stunning mountain views.

PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT: Pitt Lake areas are BUSY. Be prepared for an abundance of people walking with dogs, and other families with photographers. The terrain is relatively easy, but if you plan on going down to the grassy areas, keep in mind it may be wet and muddy. Parking is along the road and there is zero cell phone reception in these areas.

derby reach family session

5. Derby Reach Regional Park

Derby Reach Regional Park is located just outside of Fort Langley, British Columbia. It is an enormous park with multiple entrances full of trees, walking trails, and flanked by the Fraser River. I recommend this park for clients with children of all ages. This location provides shade and tree cover, so your family session can start approximately two hours before sunset. Derby Reach has open space, fields, trees, and beach vibes at low tide.

PHOTOGRAPHER INSIGHT: Derby Reach is a beautiful location that's easily accessible. Ideal areas for family photography sessions are a close walking distance from the parking lots. I recommend this location for spring/fall months, as the summer months have an abundance of mosquitoes in this area near the Fraser River.

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