Home or Away: Three Things to Consider Ahead of Your Destination Proposal​

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If your partner has always dreamed of going on holiday to a certain destination, then planning a holiday to this place can be the perfect opportunity to propose! It will be special, and it’s likely to be just you two, meaning that you can stay in your engagement happiness bubble for your whole trip. Plus, if you’re lovers of social media, there is nothing quite like a ring photo shot against a beach sunset after your destination proposal.

It is challenging enough trying to keep a normal proposal a secret. Once you factor in keeping the ring hidden whilst you travel, and the complications of going to a place you may never have visited before, you may think a destination proposal is nigh impossible. Well, think again.

We look at three things you’ll need to consider to simplify your perfect proposal plans.

Let Your Hotel Know

Everyone loves a proposal, and most hotels will be happy to cater for any special requests that you might have for the big day. Want to pre-order chilled champagne to your room for afterwards? Would you love it if housekeeping folded your towels into the shape of hearts? Just let reception know. Whilst not all hotels will be able to offer this, if you’re staying in a popular proposal destination such as New York or Paris, you might find that you’re not the first one to make a special request.

Keep the Ring Safe

If you’re sharing a suitcase, you might not want to hide the ring inside, lest your partner finds it. There is also the risk that your hold luggage could get lost, which would be disastrous if the ring was inside.

However, when you go through security at the airport, you’ll need to remove any metal items from your pockets and put them through the scanner, where your partner can see the screen, which would ruin the surprise.

To combat this, keep the ring tucked safely inside your hand luggage and make sure that you don’t have any prohibited items, to reduce the risk of your bag being searched. It can also be worth putting a small note on top of the box saying that you’re going to propose, and hope that the airport staff take the hint and keep the secret if your bag does get searched.

It’s also important to insure your engagement ring. They are often worth a lot of money as well as having sentimental value, and it can be easy for things to get lost or stolen when you’re travelling. Keep it tucked away until the big moment, and try to avoid flashing it around in a public place, particularly if you’re travelling to a place that is known for pickpockets.

Decide When You're Going to Pop the Question

There is nothing wrong with being spontaneous, but the chances are that you have a specific location in mind when it comes to your destination proposal. Whether that’s a tourist spot or a beach that you’ve always wanted to go to, a little planning goes a long way.

Make sure that you know when and where to go. Ideally, you’d propose at the start of the holiday, if you’re confident that they’ll say yes, then you can relax and enjoy your break rather than being on edge about hiding your chosen engagement ring

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