5 Important Things to Consider Before Your Maternity Photos

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re expecting your first, second, third, fourth, fifth, (shall I keep going?) child! Of course you want to document your growing bump and I am HERE for it. I have some top-secret insider info into what makes a maternity session A-mazing. I have helped plan and photograph hundreds of baby bumps over the years. Here are 5 important things to consider before your maternity session.


First you have to decide what your vibe is! If you’re choosing an outdoor location, do you prefer an urban area or nature? Maternity photos photographed in a private studio can be super Vogue and timeless. The third option is right in your own home. In-home maternity sessions are some of my favourite to shoot.


Once you determine what kind of location you’d prefer for your maternity photos, the next step is deciding what to wear! Styling your maternity session is an important factor in the outcome of your photos. I always recommend something that embodies your personal style, while emphasizing that bump! If you’re shooting at home, a minimalist slip dress, two piece set, or a no pants look with an oversized shirt would suit the location. In an outdoor setting, try a flowy floral, or body skimming dress with a knit cardigan for texture. You can also brave the weather and go for a beautiful bare belly or nude. In the studio, you can definitely go for the modern dramatic with a belly baring dress.

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The third tip I have for incredible maternity photos is to nail the posing! As a professional photographer, I am essentially your mirror. You’re trusting my aesthetic to capture you being comfortable in your body in a flattering position. To create a rawness with your photos, body positioning is the key. Breathe deeply, relax, and sink into yourself. Think of yourself as embracing your baby within your body. For some, pregnancy is a time where you’re constantly body-shaming yourself. Remember that you’re growing a tiny human and give yourself some grace. Believe it or not, you’ll look back and miss that bump! Be confident in your body!


Light is absolutely the single most important factor when it comes to photographing anything. For beautiful backlit sunlight photos, I recommend shooting at sunset or sunrise. For indoor photos, light leaking through a window can be so editorial. Studio light can result in a more even, timeless look.


Photographing your growing bump is a celebration of your family’s upcoming addition. Why not include them in the process? If you have other children, a partner, or even a pet that you love and you want to include, do it! Kids and partners often add another dimension to your photos.

Book your maternity session and don’t look back! It is such a beautiful and temporary time in your life and it deserves documenting!

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Erin Fraser is a Vancouver wedding photography company based in British Columbia. Photographing weddings, engagements, families, maternity, and newborn sessions in the local areas of Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Also provides photography services for weddings across the U.S and within Canada. Specializing in capturing edgy portraits and unique perspectives to create raw emotional wedding photography.

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