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Photographing love in all forms across Canada & USA

Because it’s not just about having pretty wedding photos. It’s about moments that can never be recreated. I want to photograph the people you love and what you value. It’s about making memories and freezing time through an image.


Capturing the real connections. The relationships you have with life and your people.

I want to capture your vibe.

I love creating individualistic images, that feel real. I want to capture the connections. I’m all about the relationships that you have with your people.

If this sounds like you, drop me an inquiry and let's explore what we can create together. Cause there is magic waiting for us.


My approach to your wedding is simple: Do whatever the F you want.

The most important part of your wedding day is that it’s a true representation of you.

Want to row your boat in the middle of the lake in your wedding dress? I’ll hold the canoe while you get in.

Want to throw your ceremony plans to the wind and elope in a winery? I’ll sign as your witness!

Want to have a low key day with the people you love?

Whatever you’ve got, I’m here for it.

Want to book a consult?

Contact me below.


capture your family the way you are at this very moment.

My goal is to make the family photo process as easy as possible. I choose the time and location to create the simplest scenario for creating the most beautiful photos.

I shoot outdoor family sessions in the Langley area or I travel to you for a cozy in-home session.

I also offer children’s portrait studio sessions.

My process

This is a collaboration, combining your scene with my perspective. I’ll guide you when you need it, but stand back when you don’t. The result is my artistic interpretation of the events of your wedding day. I use the light and surroundings to create timeless, but also fucking great photographs.


Working with me

Let's work together.

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